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AP Photography Concentration Project

Project type

Photography & Mixed Media


April 2019

This series of photos titled "Socially Constructed Ideas of Us", came from my concentration piece in AP Photography. Even though this concentration was done in 2018 it is still a project that is very important to me. We were instructed to create a theme and prompt for our own self-driven, self-organized project that resulted in a final breadth and final concentration. Although I cannot find my original explanation for this project, I still know my exact intentions for it. This project was supposed to bring light to a rather over-looked subject in todays society. Social media and other recent technology has taken a huge toll on our society. Social media has not only statistically proven to be the cause of a severe rise of anxiety and depression (among other mental challenges) in our society but it is also clear as day how it has done so. This series of photographs is to show a different perspective of what has been affected by social media. I hope this motivates you to learn about how this has so strongly affected our community and to learn how to positively live with social media and how to turn its negative effects into something positive.

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