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Arizona Biltmore Hand Painted Poster

Project type

Hand Painted Poster Design


December 2020

This poster was created to celebrate and bring attention to an interesting place that others might also find interesting. I hand painted this poster using poster board, acrylic paint, and black ink. The Arizona Biltmore has been a stand-out destination for people with an appreciation for timeless architecture and design due to the resorts influence from Frank Lloyd Wright. Famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, was an inspiration to many and designed over 1,000 structures over 70 years. Not only was he an architect but was also a designer, writer, and educator who believed in designing in harmony with the environment where the structure surrounds. This was a philosophy that he called organic architecture. So, his legacy has been studied and followed since the 1950’s. The Arizona Biltmore was designed by Albert Chase McArthur, who had studied under Wright at Harvard University. McArthur implemented many designs into the hotel that were inspired by Wrights design style. This included the Sprites Wright had designed to look over the Midway Gardens in Chicago, they were replicated and were gifted to the Biltmore where they stand in the middle of the courtyard looking after the entire resort. The Sprites remain an iconic piece of art from Wright and are seen in many pieces of his work which is why I wanted to highlight them in this hand painted poster.

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